About Us

At Arc, we celebrate tableware in every shape, size, and form. From everyday use to those truly special occasions, we have something for everyone, every experience, and for every budget. We invite you to express your personal taste, creativity, and to create unforgettable experiences for you and your guests. 

Established in 1825 in the North of France as a small family-owned business, Arc has been a pioneer in the tabletop industry from the very beginning. Over nearly 200 years, we have continuously evolved and have stayed at the forefront of the industry by innovating manufacturing standards, incorporating cutting-edge technologies, developing and improving upon new designs and materials, and pushing the boundaries of our own creative visions, helping us to grow to become a world leader in the tabletop industry. Today we continue to improve, innovate, and deliver tableware to a whole new level as we produce and distribute products to more than 160 countries.

Lasting Glass for a Lasting World.™