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Bellevue 16 oz. Tulip Wine Glass 6 PC Set

Bellevue 16 oz. Tulip Wine Glass 6 PC Set

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While the tulip glass typically has been reserved for white wines, including champagnes, this shapely glass can be used for reds, too. When you’re entertaining, this makes it easy for you to set a table with all the same type of wine glasses. Cleanup is easy too; simply put these glasses right in the dishwasher.

• This set includes 6 – 16 oz. Bellevue Tulip Wine Glasses.
• Country of Origin: France
• Material: Krysta – Crystal Glass
• Sheer Rim
• Dishwasher Safe


Product Details:

Bellevue 16 oz. Tulip Wine Glass:

• Height: 8.9 inches
• Width: 3.4 inches
• Rim: 2.4 inches
• Base: 3.2 inches

Made with Krysta:
• Superior Rim Strength: 30% Stronger at the rim compared to standard crystal glass.
• Superior Stem Strength: Stem torsion resistance equals 2X human hand torque.
• Complete transparency: With a transparency index of 98.5.
• Long-Lasting Brilliance: Maintains brilliance for more than 2k industrial dishwasher cycles.
• Perfect acoustics: 100% clear and pure.

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