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Cachet 19 oz. Tulip Wine Glass 12 PC Party Pack

Cachet 19 oz. Tulip Wine Glass 12 PC Party Pack

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The Cachet 19 oz. tulip wine glass is the perfect go-to glass for any occasion. A tried and true favorite among many, the contemporary design and thinner bowl has modernized the standard wine shape. With it's soft, rounded edges and tall stem, this glass maximizes the tasting experience and makes handling effortless.

• This set includes 12 – 19 oz. Cachet Tulip Wine Glasses.
• Country of Origin: USA
• Material: Glass
• Dishwasher Safe


Product Details:

Cachet 19 oz. Tulip Wine Glass:

• Height: 9 inches
• Width: 3.6 inches
• Rim: 3 inches
• Base: 3 inches

Luminarc collections are made out of glass, a naturally non-porous material that is 100% healthy and hygienic. Consumers can select from among different glass types, each offering specific advantages and benefits.

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