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Clearwater 7.25" White Opal Dessert Plate 6 PC Set

Clearwater 7.25" White Opal Dessert Plate 6 PC Set

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Clearwater’s contemporary shell pattern, paired with its bright white modern coupe shape, will add a touch of fun flair to your everyday meals, whether you are gathered around a table, a kitchen island or the couch. A classic 7.25” diameter dessert plate, but in a coupe shape with a depth of just over ¾ of an inch, ensures food, juices and sauces stay contained, making it ideal for everything from breakfast to salads and desserts.

Microwave-safe for heating up leftovers and dishwasher-safe for quick cleanups, our durable opal will satisfy the demands of everyday use and family life. The interior of each piece has a glossy finish to help prevent stains, while the exterior has an embossed textured design for easy handling. Easy to clean, non-porous, lightweight, chip-resistant and stackable, Luminarc dinnerware brings beauty and functionality to your home.

• This set includes 6 – 7.25” Clearwater Dessert Plates.
• Country of Origin: China
• Material: Opal Glass
• Tempered Glass
• Chip Resistant
• Dishwasher Safe
• Microwave Safe
• Stackable
• Lightweight
• Easy to Clean
• Non-porous


Product Details:

Clearwater Dessert Plate
• Diameter: 7.25 inches
• Height: 0.748 inches

Families have been using Luminarc’s pure white opal products since 1958. Opal is especially well adapted to the needs of family life.
• Break and chip-resistant - Luminarc opal is strengthened with a special thermal treatment called tempering that renders the material up to three times more resistant to impacts than a ceramic or porcelain product of similar thickness.
• Thermal shock resistance - Luminarc opal products can go from your freezer or fridge straight to your microwave without any risk of breaking.

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