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Conserve Moi 3.25 oz. Espresso Mug 6 PC Set

Conserve Moi 3.25 oz. Espresso Mug 6 PC Set

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Coffee lovers know that a small cup or mug is used for espresso. Not because the brew is stronger than regular coffee, but because an espresso shot is very small and could get lost in a larger mug. Moreover, the crema – the foam that forms atop an espresso – disperses quicker in larger mug. With this clear mug, you can see the contrast between the dark liquid and the light crema as you savor your espresso.

• This set includes 6 - 3.25 oz. Conserve Moi Espresso Mugs.
• Country of Origin: France
• Material: Tempered Glass
• Dishwasher Safe


Product Details:

Conserve Moi 3.25 oz. Espresso Mug:

• Height: 2.87 inches
• Rim: 2.09 inches
• Base: 2.09 inches

Luminarc collections are made out of glass, a naturally non-porous material that is 100% healthy and hygienic. Consumers can select from among different glass types, each offering specific advantages and benefits.

Tempered glass products undergo a thermal treatment that increases their resistance to physical impacts and temperature changes. Tempered glass offers safety and durability. Tempered products can go straight from the freezer or fridge to the microwave without any risk.

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