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Craft Brew 16 oz. Pub Glass 4 PC Set

Craft Brew 16 oz. Pub Glass 4 PC Set

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The Craft Brew 16 oz. classic pub glass is sturdy glassware for everyday use. It's versatile enough to compliment a wide variety of beers and many other beverages. There is a reason this glass can be found in almost every tavern and bar across America.

• This set includes 4 – 16 oz. Craft Brew Pub Glasses.
• Country of Origin: USA
• Material: Glass
• Dishwasher Safe


Product Details:

Craft Brew 16 oz. Pub Glass:

• Height: 5.78 inches
• Width: 3.42 inches
• Rim: 3.42 inches
• Base: 2.36 inches

Luminarc collections are made out of glass, a naturally non-porous material that is 100% healthy and hygienic. Consumers can select from among different glass types, each offering specific advantages and benefits.

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