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Open Up 15.75 oz. Soft Stemmed Wine 6 PC Set

Open Up 15.75 oz. Soft Stemmed Wine 6 PC Set

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Like this elegant wine glass, let’s be clear: When we say “soft,” we’re talking about the wine, not the glass. Its pear-shape bowl is perfect for serving wines that are softer or smoother on the palate, such as Merlot or Malbec. The glass itself, however, is extremely durable and dishwasher safe.

• This set includes 6 – 15.75 oz. Open Up Soft Stemmed Glasses.
• Country of Origin: France
• Material: Krysta – Crystal Glass
• Sheer Rim
• Dishwasher Safe


Product Details:

Open Up 15.75 oz. Soft Stemmed Wine:

• Height: 8.9 inches
• Width: 4.06 inches
• Rim: 2.48 inches
• Base: 3.23 inches

Made with Krysta:
• Superior Rim Strength: 30% Stronger at the rim compared to standard crystal glass.
• Superior Stem Strength: Stem torsion resistance equals 2X human hand torque.
• Complete transparency: With a transparency index of 98.5.
• Long-Lasting Brilliance: Maintains brilliance for more than 2k industrial dishwasher cycles.
• Perfect acoustics: 100% clear and pure.

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