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Rendez-Vous 5.75 oz. Flute 4 PC Set

Rendez-Vous 5.75 oz. Flute 4 PC Set

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The Rendez-Vous 5.75 oz. champagne flute draws its intense sparkle from the depth and the abundance of the shimmering vertical facets as well as the motion of the moldings covering the glasses. Spectacularly cut to sculpt light, they display the simplicity of prominent symmetrical lines, structured like a cut diamond as if part of a precious bracelet. Curves add a certain aesthetic appeal reminiscent of the 1930's streamlining trend, based on the form and fluidity of a drop of water. It was an era of reconciliation between beauty and practicality, inspired by motion and movement. The boldness and modernity of an era are symbolized in a crystal glass creation.

• This set includes 4 – 5.75 oz. Rendez-Vous Flute Glasses.
• Country of Origin: France
• Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass
• Dishwasher Safe


Product Details:

Rendez-Vous 5.75 oz. Champagne Flute:

• Height: 8.74 inches
• Rim: 2.5 inches
• Base: 2.75 inches

Cristal d'Arques collections are made of lead-free crystal glass, a naturally non-porous material that is completely transparent with long-lasting brilliance.

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